With its sustainable production technology and strong service network with global distribution capacity, Enka Süt delivers its products to various countries all over the world as well as Turkey. Enka Süt, which produces under two main headings as industrial and fresh product group, is the market leader in industrial products such as Fatty and Skim Milk Powder, Whey Powder.

As the brand preferred by 60% of the food companies that are among the top 500 companies in Turkey, Enka meets the needs of approximately 70% of the market, especially in the whey powder product.

Enka, one of the leading companies in our country in the production of basic industrial dairy products such as milk powder, whey powder and its varieties, serves many reputable brands with its product concept.

For foreign countries, especially Gulf and Far East countries, Canada, South Africa, Madagascar, Nepal, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Pakistan, Sudan, Tanzania, Senegal, Ghana, Tunisia, Algeria, It has become the brand preferred by many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Iraq Syria Libya, Nigeria, Ghana Iran, Georgia Azerbaijan Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam.

Halal Certificate is one of the first issues that come to mind when it comes to export. The most sensitive products regarding halal production requirements are meat and dairy products. With this awareness, we determine our production standards according to the halal assurance system and we shape our every production process according to this sensitivity.

We also have the Kosher Certificate, another document that has taken its place in the export sector. In this context, we also meet Kosher requirements. When it comes to exports, as Enka Süt, we offer our Halal and Kosher Certified products to valuable consumers.

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