As ENKA SÜT; We are proud of being able to offer products that add value to all our customers who trust us with 40 years of experience, quality understanding aiming at complete customer satisfaction, modern production techniques and professional perspective.

Today as ENKA SÜT; We are proud of being able to offer products that add value to all our customers who trust us with 40 years of experience, quality understanding aiming at complete customer satisfaction, modern production techniques and professional perspective. Never forgetting the importance of a package product for human health, we never neglect hygiene, rigorous quality control and product analysis at international standards at every stage of our production. We are determined to continue.

We manufacture an extremely wide range of both industrial and fresh products in the field of milk and dairy products. We work diligently to ensure that each of our ENKA products is of the same quality and taste. We constantly create value for all our stakeholders with the flavors we offer, and work to be a lasting taste wherever people live, on the palate and in the minds. As Enka Süt, we aim at unconditional and continuous customer and employee happiness by putting people at the center of all our works, and we continue our activities in this vision with our more than 300 employees.

Fresh milk, which is the raw material of Enka Dairy products; It is collected twice a day, separately in the evening and morning, from the milk of the Central Anatolia and Mediterranean Regions and from more than 15,000 producers, and is delivered to the collection centers without delay after the necessary controls are made by the veterinarians. The milk, which is cooled to +4 °C in a very short time, is transported to the factory in tankers with thermos boxes and converted into products within 24 hours after milking.

Fresh and healthy raw milk, all of which have been analyzed by our technical team, is accepted in our facility without spoiling its naturalness, then the vitamins and minerals in the nature of fresh milk are in international norms. It is protected by the pasteurization process and processed in our high-tech production lines to turn it into a finished product. With this awareness, milk and dairy products, which must be consumed at all ages for adequate and balanced nutrition, meet our consumers at Enka Süt with all their nutritional values preserved.

We work within the framework of cleaning and disinfection rules that we have established in accordance with international norms. We produce untouched in healthy environments and keep every critical point of production under control to prevent possible hazards. Today, samples are taken from 250 different points in our facility for quality and hygiene control and analyzed, and we act with the awareness that a package of ENKA product represents the entire Enka Süt family.

Our basic philosophy is to research regional consumer habits and analyze trends and bring the most delicious products to our consumers in accordance with their expectations.

We are constantly researching, developing and perfecting all our products, both fresh and industrial. For this purpose, our R&D department, which has been going on for years, is in close cooperation with universities and other private institutions in order to increase its contribution to the country's economy and exchanges views and information, and also provides training to its personnel on constantly developing technology and hygiene through this means. As all the products we produce take place on the tables full of happiness, we look to the future with stronger and more determined steps.

One of the strongest production topics of our brand is Industrial products. Under this heading, we lead the industry with an extremely wide and specific product range such as milk powder, whey powder, milk-based powder products, industrial milk fat, spray dry tomato powder, fruit powders, coffee cream and vegetable oil powder.

Awareness of preventing environmental pollution and the added value we provide to the environment by processing whey, which is considered as a waste of the dairy industry, into whey powder, which is a semi-finished product of industrial food enterprises. We are happy to be a source of inspiration and hope for the country's economy.

Our brand, which constantly increases our growth trend, produces cheese powder, yogurt powder, tomato powder, coffee cream, vegetable oil powders, casein and caseinate products in Turkey. He always broke new ground. With these steps, it has become the leader in the domestic market in the milk-derived powder products group in Turkey, and Enka Süt, which is the choice of 60% of the companies that are among the top 500 companies in our country, is indispensable for the most respected brands of our country.

Today, with its qualified personnel and a daily raw material processing capacity of 2000 tons in its modern facilities with a closed area of 20,000 m², it is one of the leading companies in Turkey's Industrial Industry in the milk and dairy products category. Our company, which meets a significant part of its needs in the title of products and always breaks new ground in our country, will continue this development by increasing it with the strength it receives from you.

We are among the top 500 companies of our country with our brand exporting to many countries, especially the Gulf countries and the Far East, and we are among the top 500 companies in the country's economy. We are justifiably proud of our contribution. We are walking towards the future with the mission of introducing our people from 7 to 70 with the Enjoyment of Natural Milk, and we carry our quality and taste to every region of our country by increasing our marketing activations day by day.

We are walking towards the future with strong and determined steps with our experience and your appreciation. We would like to thank our employees, our managers, our suppliers, our consumers, and all our customers who walked with us in creating an ENKA brand, the pride of Turkey, which will exist in many more 40 years with 40 years of experience...



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