Fresh milk, which is the raw material of Enka Dairy products, is collected twice a day, separately in the evening and in the morning, from the milk of the Central Anatolia and Mediterranean Regions and from more than 15,000 producers. >

Producing under two main headings as industrial and fresh product group, Enka Süt is the market leader in industrial products such as Fatty and Skim Milk Powder, Whey Powder. The milk, which is cooled to +4 °C in a very short time, is transported to the factory in tankers with thermos boxes and converted into products within 24 hours after milking. In Enka Süt products, which never compromises on the principle of naturalness, every stage of production, starting from milk purchasing, is supervised by food engineers, dairy technologists and approximately 300 personnel, and no additives are used.

Therefore, it offers the fresh, clean and quality products that Turkish people especially seek, with their natural taste. Enka Süt is progressing in sharing its products, which do not compromise on their naturalness, with the whole of Turkey.

So that everyone in the country can taste this natural flavor and carry it to their table with peace of mind; A perfectly coordinated, meticulous and professional distribution network management is carried out.

KONYA, ANKARA, ANTALYA, ESKISEHIR, KARAMAN, KUTAHYA, AFYON, IPARTA, KAYSERİ, AKSARAY, NEVSEHIR, KIRSEHIR, HATAY, GAZIANTEP, KAHRAMAN MARAS, KILIS, MERSIN, BURSA, YALIKUR, UNIVERSE, Enka Natural Milk is enjoyed in 25 different provinces of our country in grocery stores and delicatessens in certain regions through our dealers, including SAMSUN

Our marketing activities continue throughout Turkey, and we aim to deliver Enka Süt products to the most remote sales points of our country with our new dealers. Thanks to our systems implemented using high production standards and the latest technology and our refrigerated vehicles, ENKA, one of the well-established companies of Konya, which was the capital of the Anatolian Seljuk State, delivers its products to your tables in the freshness and naturalness of the first day.

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